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The Week’s Good Eats – Week of February 5th

Enjoy these delicious good eats for your February Menu Plan! Happy February! Here in Oklahoma, this is our last real full month of winter.  I’m thrilled, I’m sure that’s not the case for everyone […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of January 8th

It’s a new year and that means more good gluten free eats, right?  How is your year starting so far?  I’m trying to adjust back to our routine, but it’s also a bit busier […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of December 4th

Can you believe it’s December?  That means Christmas is nearly here and all the holiday activities are in full swing.  I’m planning to share a few simple recipes with you today to hopefully relieve […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of November 6th

It’s November!  Can you believe it?  We are full steam ahead into the holiday season.  That means food for days, doesn’t it?  I am trying really hard to not go too crazy since I’ve […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of October 2nd

We are officially starting into my favorite month.  I wish this month would just go so slow because it always ends up going so fast, then I have to wait another year for it […]

The Weeks Good Eats – Week of September 4th

Happy Labor Day to those in the US!  It’s our unofficial end to the summer, and I am ready!  I’m ready for cooler weather, long sleeves, all things pumpkin, and lots of bonfires.  Are […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of August 7th

Happy August!  Back to School season is here for us, we start school in just a little over a week.  I know many of you though still have a good month or so left […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of July 10th

How did your 4th of July go?  We ended up going camping and staying at the lake for several days and it was just what I needed.  It was so nice to just slow […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of June 5th

Happy June!  It’s finally the month that summer officially starts, are you ready for summer?  We’ve already been on our summer break for a few weeks now and are starting to get into the […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of March 6th

Let’s get right to The Week’s Good Eats! It’s March!  For us in Oklahoma that means, spring is just about here.  I say thought; however, we have had quite a bit of snow come […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of February 6th

Do you enjoy the big game this past weekend?  I’m sure many did and many are probably pretty sad today…it goes both ways, right?  Basically since Christmas, my husband and I have been on […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of January 2nd

Happy 2017!  Can you believe it’s 2017?  I started blogging about recipes and such back in 2010, so to think I’ve been doing this 7 years.  I just can’t even wrap my mind around […]