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Here’s Naomi Sharing Our Crustless Spring Quiche on WTAJ!

An Update for our Friends

Hi everyone, I just wanted to check in quickly – as of 5pm today, we’ve been able to raise $6075 in donations and an additional $36,000 in product sales thanks to your generous support! This means we have MET our deadline for paying off the vendor who was threatening to add fees etc that would [Read More...]

Better Batter is Facing a Crisis

Hi guys, this is never a note a CEO wants to write: Our expansion growth has outstripped our cashflow and a few of our vendors decided to make our bills payable in full this week. If we can’t pay them immediately, they will cease operations/services to us – namely producing the product and shipping the [Read More...]

Tax Tips: Gluten Free Edition

Eating gluten free can mean extra out of pocket costs, especially when you’re just starting out, trying lots of new items to find the ones you like best. And even if you’ve been diagnosed for years, you probably still go through busy seasons of life where you rely more heavily on prepackaged goods. Did you [Read More...]

7 Allergy-Friendly Candy Companies for Easter

7 Allergy-Friendly Candy Companies for Easter

Seems like we were just trudging our way through a dreary winter and now we’re already into spring. And that means Easter is upon us too. Like many others, one of the big annual Easter festivities in my family is putting together an Easter basket. Around here, the contents of those baskets usually fall into [Read More...]

Why Giving Is Important To Us

If you follow our facebook statuses or newsletters, you know we mention our giving and advocacy projects just about every week. Perhaps you’ve wondered why we’re so driven to give back to and improve the world. I thought I’d take a moment and share our background and why we do what we do. We give [Read More...]