FAQs - Better Batter Gluten Free Flour



Are your products genetically modified? 

No! Our product lines do not contain any GMO ingredients!!


Does your facility.products contain any top eight allergens, dyes or preservatives? What about other allergens such as….?


Our Better Batter production facility (and all Better Batter products) are free from  the top 8 most common allergens (milk, egg, peanut, tree nut, wheat, soy, fish, crustacean/shellfish), mustard, and sesame. We will do our best to update our ingredient notes here and on our SUPPLY CHAIN page as we received requests.

Better Batter products also do not contain: See our SUPPLY CHAIN updates for specifics for details, if you are allergic to these items to determine if our product is appropriate for you. If the ingredient is not listed in our supply chain update, it indicates that the ingredient is not in the facility and/or is specifically tested for or considered not at reasonable risk for cross contact. If the product is in a shared facility etc, details will be clearly listed on the supply chain page.

  • alcohol
  • fennel
  • onion, garlic, chives
  • artificial dyes
  • artificial flavors
  • corn
    • Exception: corn-free powdered sugar IS  claimed as free-from
  • poppyseed
  • chia seed
  • flax seed
  • sunflower seed
  • beans/legumes
  • bananas
  • MOST products also do not contain sulfites
    • Exception Better Batter pancake mix contains cream of tartar and should be avoided

Better Batter Products Special Notes


  • All mixes contain rice.
  • Yellow Cake Mix contains Turmeric
  • Seasoned Flour contains cayenne pepper
  • Pancake Mix (all sizes) contain cream of tartar
  • All mixes except corn free powdered sugar contain:
    • rice
      • All mixes should be considered safe for daily consumption (ie low levels of inorganic arsenic levels etc)
    • potato
    • tapioca
    • citrus (lemon derivative)
    • xanthan gum (contains no corn, wheat, or soy)
  • Corn free powdered sugar contains tapioca

If you have any additional special food restrictions, please contact us using the form below, and we will be happy to look into it for you so that you can determine the suitability of our products for your diet.



Is your product actually cup for cup? I hear there is no such thing!

Our products are meant to be used just like their gluten containing counterparts! If you have an old pie recipe from your Great Aunt Bertha, or a favorite old Impossible Pie recipe, you can use them with our products and no other alterations!

There ARE some slight changes to  pastries (omit the resting steps) and some significant changes to yeast breads (follow our instructions or ask us for suggestions!).

ONE SAD NOTE:  Generally people don’t like our cup for cup flour in pancake recipes (YMMV)….!


How do you properly measure the flour?

We prefer to use the fork, spoon, knife method! Whisk the flour with a fork, spoon it into a dry measuring cup, and level it off with the back of a knife. You should get perfect results.

How much should a cup of flour weigh?

By weight you should measure our flour between 4 and 5 ounces per cup (about 113-140g per cup). Anything in this range will give you a good result.


What is the shelf life on your products?

In general we recommend using Better Batter products 2 years from date of manufacture. You should be able to use our flour, seasoned flour, and corn free powdered sugar beyond the expiration date, provided it smells fine.

The mixes that contain leavening ingredients (pancake, brownie, cake mixes) may perform unsatisfactorily if used after expiration – not rise properly –  but should taste fine.


Do I need to refrigerate/freeze your products?

No! All the lines we carry are meant to be stored at room temperature. But if you’d like to do so, feel free, and if done in an airtight container, it will extend your shelf life by 3-6 months!


I’m new to gluten free – help!!

You can use our contact form below – we’ll do our best to help you with any lifestyle questions you may have, or get you to someone who can answer them for you.


What Stores in my area carry your product?

You can find our store finder HERE, but please note we have found it very difficult to keep updated.  In general, we say, “If your local store isn’t carrying our product, then ask your manager to carry it for you, and if he won’t you can always find the product on Amazon Prime or our website!”


Can I order by phone?

M-F 9am-5:00pm EST
Phone: 814-946-0958


Can I pick up product in Altoona (at your warehouse)?

Yes! If you are in town, we are generally open 9-3 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday EST.

You should call to make sure items are available and staff is available before stopping in. We’re a small company, and we close when work is done for the day, so if we don’t expect you, we might not be here!

Address: 1885 E Pleasant Valley Blvd Altoona PA 16602



The ordering system is not working. What can I do?

You can place an order by phone, any time between 9am and 3pm Monday Tuesday Thursday or Friday EST!


Can I cancel/change/add to my order?

As long as your order has not shipped you can cancel it or add items!

To change or add to an order call our office within the next business day, any time between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday EST! Phone:814-946-0958

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel, change, or add extra items to processed orders once they ship.

Exception: if  your request was made within 24 hours of placing the order (and we missed it!), we will be happy to cancel the order and issue a return shipment for the unwanted product, at no additional cost to you.


Most shipping questions can be answered HERE

Where is my order?

You will have received a tracking number in an email the day your order shipped, using the email address you submitted.

If you have placed a PREORDER, the tracking email will not be created until the item is in stock and has been shipped.  You should receive a weekly update regarding your order.  Please check your SPAM folder if you have not received this email.