Testimonials - Better Batter Gluten Free Flour

We have been using Better Batter’s All Purpose Flour Mix in our small batch gluten-free bakery for the last two years.  We have tried many gluten-free flour mixes as well as mixing our own, and find that Better Batter provides the most consistent quality for our finished products. Gone are the days of dry, heavy gluten-free copies of wheat-based baked goods. Better Batter All Purpose Flour Mix allows us to create the moist, light, bakery-quality treats our customers crave.


As a specialty bakery, we are continually working to provide safe, enjoyable breads and desserts to a growing community of consumers with food sensitivities. By using Better Batter All Purpose Flour Mix we can assure our customers that our products contain no GMO ingredients or artificial dyes and are free from many other allergens (milk, egg, peanut, tree nut, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, corn).


Customer service is excellent. Whether ordering a 16-ounce package for testing or a recurring 50-pound order, we have always received prompt, helpful customer care from the folks at Better Batter.  We highly recommend Better Batter to home bakers as well as commercial bakeries.


Brenda Siebold

Beach Town Bakery

Cedar Point, North Carolina


I got your products from The Center for Digestive Health and Nutrition in a sample bag and I just have to say I’m in love. I just recently changed over my 2 year-old’s diet along with my own, and it was anything but easy. You product makes gluten free so EASY! I’m a super picky eater and my son is as well and you can honestly not taste a difference. I’ve found that I actually prefer the gluten free pancakes over regular and the flour is just fantastic. I haven’t gotten the chance to eat too many of your products but I am looking forward to it! I will continue to buy this product over and over again. Thank you for changing our lives!


I just wanted to let you know that I was at an event last week, and because of a lack of time I made two dozen of your boxed gluten free chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. I had just put them out in the case when a lady came by and asked if I had any gluten free items and proceeded to purchased two of each. Half an hour later she came back almost in tears telling me how great these cupcakes were and that would like to purchase ALL the gluten free cupcakes I had left and how she was going to call me and place orders for all her baking needs. Now how exciting is that!

I just wanted to let you know how you are making a huge difference in peoples lives, and how you have simplified Gluten-Free baking for me!

Thanks again,

Thank you Better Batter! I was diagnosed with Celiacs disease a few years ago, and have never found a flour that I liked. Last week I made zucchini bread muffins with your flour and they were amazing! They were moist, the texture was perfect, and there was no after taste! Needless to say my wife and I have devoured all of the muffins and cannot wait to bake again! Thank you for restoring my love for freshly made baked goods!

You are a lifesaver!

Joshua, Ebensburg, PA

Hello! Honestly, I just would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My boyfriend’s mother cannot eat gluten and her daughter’s baby shower is coming up. I am making her a special cake and I am sooo incredibly blessed that I found this website! I was wondering how I could make her a good cake when she cannot enjoy everything else that people are eating. Just this website brings tears to my eyes. It is so incredibly appreciated. Thank you.


I just wanted to let you know that your product changed my life! I was diagnosed with Celiac’s recently but was already on Weight Watchers, and I became really depressed with the thought of having to watch both points and gluten content. I work full time, have twin toddlers and just didn’t know how to cope with it all. I came across your product on a recipe blog and I am so glad I did! I bought a box at a local health food store and have already made a loaf of regular bread, a loaf of banana bread and a breakfast casserole with the leftover bread. I have been bringing samples to work and spreading the word, but I just wanted to thank you SO much for such an amazing product. I can’t wait to try the mixes and the seasoned flour.

Jennifer B.

I just had to tell you that since going gluten free my family has been less than pleased with our Saturday morning pancakes, but I refused to make pancakes that I couldn’t eat! After discovering your flour mix at a health food store and making bread for Easter brunch, I ordered the sampler pack. This past Saturday we had Better Batter pancakes, and my husband – who hates most gf things – said he would pick these pancakes over any wheat pancakes! THANK YOU!


Thank you for the sourdough starter recipe. It works like a charm. Not only does it look like real bread, it tastes fantastic.

Keep up the good work.


I just wanted to say thank you for making a product that is so easy to use for busy moms and caregivers such as myself. Also, it shows what a truly reputable and caring company you are by offering financial assistance to families with autism, and low income – because most of the time, it’s those families with food allergies and sensitivities that need help the most! Bravo to you for recognizing that.  It’s really a great thing to see.

I was given a sample of your product at the AUTISM ONE conference in Chicago last year. My family wasn’t gluten free at that point in time – as I hadn’t noticed a difference with my son when going gluten free. This past October my daughter, who is 12 and neurotypical thus far, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.Overwhelmed, I had the sample of your flour still in my pantry, and it was WONDERFUL.

Amy M.

I just wanted to tell you the flour mixture is amazing. I can finally eat baked goods again and not feel like I am missing out. It is wonderful.

Thank you from Celiacs everywhere. 🙂


I can’t wait to start baking! I’m so tired of paying the exorbitant costs for anything gluten-free. And to give credit where credit is due, the whole reason I even know about your flour is because of the book “Gluten-free on a Shoestring.”

Cathy Basala

I used your product for the first time yesterday. I made a pie crust (for pumpkin pie). We were amazed and gratified at the wonderful texture and taste! We are new to the GF diet as half the family was diagnosed with Celiac within the past year and a half. We are still discovering products and yours tops the list! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I thought you all would just live to see how fabulous your pasta recipe is for making kettle noodles! I have to say, with your flour and fantastic go-to recipes I can make anything!

They turned out fantastic and rightly deserved my homemade chicken noodle Soup. My family was so happy. I had been using just rice in my soup but I am a noodle soup person at heart. Gluten free homes-tyle noodles were something I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on. I love a good Amish noodle but just can’t eat them anymore because of my gluten allergy and my daughter’s Celiac disease.

I was so happy with these! Your pasta recipe will be used over and over again in my household. Thank you!

Camille S.

I recently was diagnosed as glutent intolerant. Having to change my diet has been a challenge but worth it! I live in Canada & just bought 2 boxes of your flour at a Home Sense store. I made coffee cake muffins with it, and they are awesome!

Thank you again,


My son and I just recently got diagnosed with having celiac disease. I bought the cookbook Gluten-Free on a Shoe String. Our first batch of flour we used up in one day trying different recipes in the cookbook. Just wanted to say that we had a great time in the kitchen and loved the flour. I cannot wait to get more flour and to try more recipes. We have ordered more, and I am making another purchase today. Thanks so much! I am so glad it does not have that grainy taste!


I wanted to let you all know how pleased I was with your product. Last night I made gluten free corn chowder and wanted something other than gluten free cornbread to serve with it. So I searched in my new book by Nicole Hunn, Gluten-Free on a Shoestring, and found her popovers. The popovers were quick and easy to make and tasted fantastic. They weren’t grainy at all like other gluten free flours I have used. They were creamy and pudding-like inside and crusty and crunchy on the outside. What a fantastic treat. I can’t wait to make the next recipe I have tagged in her cookbook with your delightful gluten free flour. I am more than grateful and just had to tell you.


Thank you so much for making Better Batter and developing so many winning recipes with your product. My family absolutely loves all the baked goods I make using Better Batter (those Olive Garden inspired breadsticks are nothing less than amazing!!). I am happy to have easy recipes that really work.


I purchased your pancake/biscuit mix and have just had my first pancakes in months! They were wonderful! The batter was great! Most gluten free batter is gritty but this wasn’t! I also made regular pancakes for my kids and their batter was so runny compared to yours. Thank you for making a great product!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have just made my first batch of Better Batter chocolate chip cookies and they taste just like chocolate chip cookies should…no weird gluten free taste. I’m throwing my other boxes of mixes or flour blends in the trash. I now feel like a normal human that can bake something wonderful from my pre-gf days and make it work for my wheat, peanut and egg allergic self. Thank you. This has made me happier than you can know. Baking is a joy for me and since my various allergy diagnoses I haven’t been able to do it much or enjoy the finished product. Thank Heaven for Better Batter!

You have seriously changed the way I live! I have only been diagnosed as a celiac for about 8 months. I was devastated when I found out everything I could no longer eat. I was happy because I was no longer sick all the time, but it was tough, and also being newly married I wondered what I could possibly cook for my non-celiac husband.

Your flour is amazing and has given me back normalcy in my life, so thank you! It’s not so bad being celiac now!



I have been cooking and baking gluten free for eight months. I have spent a small fortune on different flours. Hands down, yours is the best! I love to bake and cook and can make a scratch pie crust using your flour that can fool the best! Thanks so much for making my life so much easier.


Joanne Hwaszcz

I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service. I had a problem with delivery not because of you but our lovely US Postal Service. The girl that answered the phone was great, we chatted like old friends and she corrected the problem asap. I received my order within 3 days! I will always be a true fan of your products and continue to only use your product. I wish everyone was as friendly and prompt with service as your customer service.


I really appreciate having Better Batter Flour. When my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease approximately 3 years ago, I felt lost as to how to begin preparing food for my daughter. I did some research and read how you need a mixture of rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour, bean flour, egg replacement, potato starch and also xanthan gum.

I searched online and at the local health food store and had the ingredients ordered in, all just to spend a lot of money and try baking bread that flopped. My daughter ended up saying that she’d rather just not eat bread. Better Batter is so simple and easy to use. Just substitute it for the flour in your traditional recipes and it works. Naomi was a great help to me when I needed a cake recipe for my daughter when my son got married. Better Batter has made my life much easier.

Thanks Naomi!

Amy Leaman

Thank you!  Finally – a flour mix that makes baked goods like I remember them.  My first success with your flour came when deciding to use it for banana bread.  I had tried using other pre-made flour mixes that I had purchased and recipes from scratch, but, using the Better Batter flour proved to be where success was had.  The banana bread stayed so moist and did not dry out as I had found with other recipes/mixes. I can’t thank you enough for your product. It is worth it to me to purchase this product just for making the banana bread.  My mother tried it the other day and commented how delicious and moist the product was.

I wish that mainstream stores in our area carried your product.  But, I will be sure to purchase this product repeatedly in the future and will certainly recommend it to others without hesitation.

Thank you for bringing moist, delicious banana bread (and other recipes) back into my repertoire!

Jessica Totaro

As a mother of an autistic child, I know the many benefits of feeding my child a gluten-free diet.  I learned about your products through Naomi Poe.  Our children rode the same bus together and we struck up a friendship.  Little did I know this “stranger” would turn out to be an angel!

She told me about how not only her son, but her whole family was on a gluten free diet.  I wanted to try my son on this “diet” but I did not even know where to begin.  Naomi was my guide.  She introduced me to Better Batter Gluten Free Flour.  To this day, this is the only flour I will use for my son. I could not believe how good this flour was!  My son is extremely picky.  Any other flours I would try, he did not like how the finished product turned out. I used the Better Batter flour for the first time during Christmas when I was baking Christmas cookies.  My son never had his own homemade gluten free cookies before.  I would purchase store versions of gluten free cookies, but they were very bland, expensive, and he did not like any of them.  Now with this flour, I could make his own favorite cookies, and they tasted and looked like regular cookies!  He loved every last one of them!  It is so easy to use – cup for cup in your recipe.  I never looked back!  When something calls for flour, I just use the Better Batter flour instead.  I use it for all of his baked goods, even to make him his fried chicken!  It truly is a wonderful product!  Thanks Naomi!

Another one of Hunter’s favorite treats is brownies.  The Better Batter Co. also has a terrific brownie mix, as well as some other wonderful products.  Their website is also full of great recipes and ideas that have been very helpful.

Thank you so much Better Batter Company for helping families like ours! You are very much appreciated!

Dodi Kustaborder
Bellwood, PA

So I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, which has been affecting my physical, and more so, mental health greatly for some time now. My diagnosis, though restrictive, was kind of a liberating thing for me because I finally saw that many health issues I had been living with for years were caused by the celiac disease and could get better by simply changing my diet. No more anti-depressants and sleeping pills. For the first time in a long time, I had hope and something to look forward to – being a physically and mentally healthy mom to my daughter and wife to the greatest man ever. I just wanted to say thank you for overcoming your struggle and blessing so many other people in a huge way through your flour recipe. Anyway, God bless you and your efforts! I was truly touched by reading your story and am so happy to have found this website! Thank you for your time.


I have been using Pamela’s since going gluten free about 3 years  ago. I wish I had found Better Batter first! Your flour is absolutely amazing. I  have used it to make so many many things! I am baking banana bread again  today. My kids are so happy to finally be able to eat “normal” things again! I am happy to bake again! I came from a family of bakers and was  heart broken as it just so happened we found out about the kids’ celiac  disease a week before Thanksgiving! I used to bake cookie trays for so many people for Christmas. Thank you so very much!


Thank you so much for your very generous box of 12 bags of Better Batter flour for our support group.  Everyone was so excited and could not wait to try it out.  I made a dutch baby apple pancake for my husband and grandson for breakfast this morning and they absolutely loved it.

Betty J. Guthrie
Support Group Leader
Central Coast Celiacs

I used your gluten-free flour blend this Easter to make a cake recipe that has been in our family for several generations.  The results were absolutely outstanding and the family could not believe it was gluten-free.  The recipe is for a hot milk sponge cake and what makes it so unique is that the recipe calls for only 4 eggs and produces a large cake that is baked in an angel food cake pan.  Most cakes like this call for many more eggs to produce such height and texture.


As a gluten free newbie, I am learning a lot about GF flours, and their characteristics, the hard way. I tried mixing the flours and came up with quite a few doorstoppers or gummy messes. I tried a couple of all purpose GF baking flour mixes and wasn’t all that impressed. I knew this was going to be a hard road and an acquired taste. Then I stumbled upon Better Batter
Gluten Free Flour online. I ordered some and while waiting for delivery, looked over the recipes on their website. What appealed most to me was the Italian or Kaiser Roll recipe. Oh if I could have a sub again, that would be heaven!

I followed the recipe on the site, with a couple modifications (didn’t use cornmeal, nor the egg white, and I put a pot of hot steaming water under the pans instead of throwing ice cubes in the bottom of my *electric* oven ). I shaped a pan of round rolls in a muffin top pan, and in the french bread pan I shaped 2 longer hot dog shape rolls in hopes they would be good enough for sub rolls. I used an egg yolk wash on top before putting in the oven. I watched through the oven glass with anticipation….. the rolls were rising! Previously with other mixes, I was disappointed with the rise and extra density of what I baked. At the end of the baking time, I took out the pans and put them on a wire rack to cool. They looked like the hard crusty wheat rolls I use to bake! It was difficult waiting for the rolls to cool in order to cut them.

Some wheat breads require a complete cooling for the crumb inside to finish off. Early cutting will affect it. I didn’t know if this was true with GF flour breads or not and I was not going to risk it. LOL Well, the rolls were fantastic. I cut them open and the crumb was a nice texture, sort of reminded me of the old wheat sourdough I often made. These rolls were still dense to a point….GF flours will give a denser loaf than wheat, but not like other mixes I tried. It is just one of those characteristics one must learn to live with. But looking at the sub rolls (grin), I had to make a ham and cheese sub that I longed for. I hollowed out the bottom half a little to make room for all the GF ham and goodies I was going to put on. I used GF mayo, ham slices, provolone cheese, thinly sliced onions, home grown lettuce from a friend, (didn’t have any tomatoes or that would have went on), a sprinkle of oregano and a drizzling of olive oil. And then the real test… the eating.

The taste, texture, look and feel was so similar to the local pizza shop’s home made rolls and subs! Of course there is a little taste difference since it is a different group of flours, but with enough spices one hardly notices this is a different flour than wheat. The sub was best warmed. I put a piece in the refrigerator for later, and didn’t enjoy it as much out of the cold frig. They are definitely better warmed, but that is how I prefer it. Others may prefer cold. 😉 This one is a keeper. It is good to know I can have subs again!

I am now eyeing up the cake and brownie recipes….. oh my, what would hubby want for dessert tonight……

Christina Save