About Naomi

Stone Fruit Cobbler

A quick and easy way to use any fresh stone fruit – peaches, nectarines, plums – especially when they’re in season

Cheezeburger Soup

This is a perfect dairy free version of one of my favorite soups.

Easy GF Lo Mein

This is an easy, gluten free take on the popular restaurant dish. You can adjust to suit your own tastes – for instance double the veggies, or add chicken. We’ve included our favorite variations […]

Crock Pot Red Chicken Curry

I love Thai food – but am allergic to peanuts – which means if I want Thai style food, I have to make it myself. Most Thai cooking is preparation intense, so I was […]

Naan (East Indian Flat Bread)

Naan is a sweet, buttery flat-bread that is perfect for sopping up all the well-spiced juices from Indian curries and dishes. We also like to take naan and use it for sandwich wraps.

Baked Pita Chips with Creamy Dill Dip

A crispy, crunchy baked pita chip which rivals store-bought! Munch these chips on their own or use as dippers for the creamy dill dip below.

Eggplant Parmesan (regular or vegan)

This great and comforting meal is delicious –  A savory cheesy topping and crisp breading help these veggies go down smoothly – you won’t even miss the meat! It’s a lot of work, so […]

Roasted Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce

Warm and creamy, this is one way to get even picky eaters to eat this nutritious vegetable.

Sausage and Squash Skillet

This is a great, lower carb, higher fiber meal – perfect when you’re looking for something filling, but not too heavy, and high in protein!

Homemade Italian Beef Sausage (loose)

This recipe is great if you don’t eat pork – use wherever Italian sausage is called for

Pooffle Goodwin (cherry pouffle)

During a cold, snowy afternoon I was left with extra ingredients, from the clafoutis and custard recipes that were being developed. Not one to waste ingredients, I combined all the extra component mixtures into […]

White Easter Egg Cupcakes

How about serving some of these cute cupcakes this Easter? The white chocolate buttercream is totally velvety, sweet, and makes a nice nest for the chocolate shavings and candy eggs. Check out the directions for shortcut version using our Yes You Can cake mix.