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URGENT – Product Recall

To My Customers: Recently we were advised by our contract manufacturer that they had discovered that one of our suppliers was including a dairy ingredient in one of the components (sunflower oil) used in […]

To My Customers:

Recently we were advised by our contract manufacturer that they had discovered that one of our suppliers was including a dairy ingredient in one of the components (sunflower oil) used in our pancake and cake mixes.

As you can imagine for a dairy intolerant family like mine, this was extremely disturbing.

We value your health and safety highly, and my commitment to never feed anyone something I cannot feed my own child is absolute.

Any amount of cross contamination with dairy – no matter how small – is unacceptable to us and, therefore I am authorizing a nationwide product recall of all mixes of yellow cake, chocolate cake and our biscuit and pancake mix.

We urge all dairy sensitive customers to contact us immediately to arrange for a full refund and return of your products.  Please use the forms provided to fill out and return all affected products.

I would like you to know what we are doing to solve the problem:

1) We are making these three types of products temporarily unavailable on the market.

2) We are issuing an immediate recall of all units sold of these three types of products.

3) We are reformulating these products in order to ensure a consistently safe supplier of any oil we will use.

As always our flour, seasoned flour, and brownie mix are safe for dairy sensitive individuals.

Finally, a personal note from me. I need you to hear this from my heart! As a mom in a casein free family, I’m walking this path with you, and this recall has shaken me as much as it has shaken those of you with similar dairy sensitivities.

Some people have asked: How is it that this type of thing can have managed to escape several levels of testing and certification? It’s shaken you to your core and made you doubt any claims of testing and safety by allergy free companies.

I can only say: I feel what you feel, and I understand.

I am working as hard as humanly possible with our contract manufacturer to create a system that is even closer to perfect in Quality Control, testing and certification procedures.

We can only trust assurances if we feel safe. Because I’m dairy free, and because *my child* must be dairy free, I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that these procedures are perfected and that your trust can be rebuilt. I am personally following this step by step and will not stop until every last question about going forward has a satisfactory answer.

While I understand that those of you with dairy sensitivities have experienced a significant loss of trust, I want to reach out personally to say, “We have not abandoned you. We will work to make this right. And we hope you will give us another chance.”

I thank all of you for your continued support as we move forward. You have my assurance that these products will only become available again when they meet my stringent standards for safety for your family as well as mine.

Read my follow up comment to see what we are actively doing to form a plan of attack. I’ll be keeping you updated as we move forward.

Naomi Poe

Complete Allergen Recall Notice (PDF)
Response Form for Distributors (PDF)
Response Form for Customers (PDF)

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  1. Naomi

    Thought you guys might like an update:

    We’ve re-sourced a completely different type of oil and a completely NEW supplier, and we’re getting new product put out as quickly as possible (looking like 3 weeks at this time). The new cake mix formulas contain canola oil, and the new pancake contains palm oil. Both are sourced from completely reliable sources. In addition, i’m authorizing additional third party oversight and verification of allergen free statuses of anything remotely connected to allergens – and an even stricter allergen statement – basically even though we use a bin system and the risk of cross contamination in house is relatively nonexistent, the bins themselves are on a bigger machine. The machine mixes the ingredients in each bin. So to be on the safe side here is what I’m authorizing going forward: The plan is to create a VERY strict allergen statement by using the protocol we currently do with tree nuts. this protocol is that if the machine works with any other bin containing any other allergen in the plant (EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT THE BIN WE USE) we will now list it as ‘shared equipment’; we will continue to do allergen testing for all major allergens and as many nut allergens as we have tests for (our hope is that we will be authorized to add a sticker to our packaging that lists which allergens under this system we have been third party verified as free of. barring that we will post it on our website). As always we will obtain third party certification of gluten and dairy free status. It’s always a learning situation…. *sigh* I started this as a SAHM, so I am touched you guys are so understanding as I walk through this situation – I’m learning so many new things as we go, and while I believe it will make us stronger and not kill us…. I’m holding my breath and prayign hard. Because trust is everything in the allergen free community. I know that first hand with gluten, dairy, and other allergen issues in my family…

    • kathleenreidy


      You make such good products they are worth waiting for! I am especially waiting for the pancake mix because I have a cinnamon coffee cake recipe that uses it and I won’t use anything else. I see you have a date of November 11th for availability. Is there a way to pre-order so that I can get it wothout waiting for my retailer (Sunset Foods in Lake Forest, IL) o get it back on the shelves? I definitely want to make it for the winter holidays.

      Good luck on everything! Your flours are the best!

      P.S. I had no idea that sunflower oil had anything to do with dairy. I learn something new every day but as a dairy and gluten free person I am glad you are fixing it.

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