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This popular Pennsylvania Dutch cookie is sure to be a winner with your family. A crisp, cinnamon/sugar crust hides soft, buttery cookie subtly scented with nutmeg and vanilla. Full recipe is under the video

Mock peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies

Mock peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies without the belly ache you won’t be missing your peanut butter cookies anymore with these cookies 100% gluten free dairy free and nut-free!! 1 cup shorting or Earth balance […]

Pumpkin Pierogi

These pierogi are a sophisticated, ‘grown-up’ take on traditional Polish comfort food. The mellow winter squash is counterbalanced by warm undertones from spices and given a surprisingly delicious kick with the addition of fresh […]

Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cake

This cake is great for fall, and is low fat, too! Pumpkin provides moisture and subtle flavor, which is enhanced by fall spices. This cake is ultra light. Bake in a tube pan or […]

Seasoned Bread Crumbs

Another great master recipe to keep on hand, this bread crumb mix can be kept on hand and used anywhere you want to bread food. It’s a great use for stale bread, or for […]

McDonald's Style Southwestern Chicken Salad

This recipe was inspired by McDonald’s incredible Southwest Chicken Salad. Crisp romaine or iceburg lettuce is topped with Cilantro Lime Chicken, black beans and corn, and (if desired) sharp cheddar cheese. This recipe is […]

Sausage, Apple, and Cranberry Stuffing

This stuffing is a nice change from the ordinary stuffing and imparts a seasonal flavor that’s hard to beat. Homemade Beef or turkey sausage adds a smoky flavor to the stuffing, and apples contrast […]

Oregano-Lime Grilled Lamb

Persian limes and oregano provide a surprisingly light and pleasing contrast to the distinctive flavor of lamb. Grilling on the fire adds a smoky note and compliments the flavor of the lamb like nothing […]

Bojangles' Style Dirty Rice

The Bojangles fast food chain of restaurants sells this popular Cajun side dish all across the South. This recipe comes awfully close to the real thing, and is a full meal if mixed with […]

Coconut Lime Tilapia

Cocounut and Lime are a fantastic combination and bring out the best in fish. A savoury sauce compliments the flavours of the fish and adds a bit of a spicy (not hot!) kick. Serve […]

Chicken Potstickers

Potstickers are tasty dumplings, filled with meat and vegetables, that can be steamed or pan fried. The secret to a good potsticker is to roll the dough very thin. This recipe makes about 60 […]

Potato and Cheese Filled Appetizer Triangles – Bourekas

  These popular Middle Eastern and Jewish pastries, called bourekas, are filld with a savory cheese and potato mixture and baked. They freeze and reheat extremely well. This recipe should make about 75 triangles.