Mock peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies

Mock peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies without the belly ache you won’t be missing your peanut butter cookies anymore with these cookies 100% gluten free dairy free and nut-free!! 1 cup shorting or Earth balance […]

Pumpkin Pierogi

These pierogi are a sophisticated, ‘grown-up’ take on traditional Polish comfort food. The mellow winter squash is counterbalanced by warm undertones from spices and given a surprisingly delicious kick with the addition of fresh […]

Your Flour has Given Me Back Normalcy to My Life!

I know this may sound really cheesy but seriously you changed the way I live! I have only been diagnosed celiac for about 8 months. I was devastated when i found out everything I […]

Bojangles' Style Dirty Rice

The Bojangles fast food chain of restaurants sells this popular Cajun side dish all across the South. This recipe comes awfully close to the real thing, and is a full meal if mixed with […]

Chickpea-Zuchinni Blossom Fritters with Manchego Cheese

These fritters are lighter than air and chock full of protein, and bursting with flavor. This recipe pays homage to the zuchinni-blossom fritters that are so popular in Italian homes, but pack an additional […]

Meat Ravioli

Ravioli are another type of filled pasta, like potstickers and pierogis, that have made its way from its native land into nearly everyone’s kitchen. This recipe, rich and evenly spiced, differs from the commonly […]

Beef Potstickers

Potstickers are tasty dumplings, filled with vegetables, that can be steamed or pan fried. The secret to a good potsticker is to roll the dough very thin. This recipe makes about 60 potstickers. Feel […]

Potato and Cheddar Pierogis

Pierogis are stuffed pasta – reminiscent of ravioli, but filled with potato, cabbage, or meat. Originally of Slovak and Polish origin, these delicious dumplings are a major part of Central Pennsylvanian cuisine. Traditionally, pierogi […]

Thank you for the great customer service

Hi I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service .I had a problem with delivery not because of you but our lovely US Postal Service. The girl that answered the phone […]

Potato and Cheese Filled Appetizer Triangles – Bourekas

  These popular Middle Eastern and Jewish pastries, called bourekas, are filld with a savory cheese and potato mixture and baked. They freeze and reheat extremely well. This recipe should make about 75 triangles.

Savory Cheese Appetizer Triangles – Tiropita

These salty cheese-filled appetizers, also called bourekas among Sephardic Jewish people, are popular snack foods the in the Mediterranean. They freeze and reheat extremely well. This recipe should make about 75 triangles.

Buttery Filo Dough

This authentic filo recipe is a bit more work than the Easy Filo Dough also featured, but the paper thin pastry that results is incredibly light, buttery, and flaky. You can make pastries that […]

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