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Chocolate Angel Food Cake

This cake is light and delicate. Chocolate enhances but doesnt’ overpower the gentle sweetness of the cake. Feel free to serve this with berries for a light summer dessert, or dress it up with whipped cream and shavings […]

Lemon Sponge Cake

    This easy variation of our classic Vanilla Sponge Cake is elegant enough for a formal dessert, yet extremely easy to make. Tart, creamy lemon curd fills a delicate, lemon-scented sponge roll.

Strawberry Kreme Cake

This recipe drew its inspiration from a very popular cake made in one of our local Pennsylvania grovery stores. Gelatin gives this cake a tang and adds moisture – feel free to use a […]

Vanilla Sponge Cake

This cake is a huge hit and perfect for parties where glutenoids will be sharing dessert, because it’s super light and yet incredibly moist. Feel free to omit the glaze, or add a heavier frosting. […]