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Faux Honey-Wheat Bread

This is a sweet, easy to make variation of the Faux Wheat Bread. We’ve updated it from our original 2008 recipe, and I like it so much better this way, with the psyllium. If […]

Wholesome Multi-Seed Bread

This is a nice, wholesome flavored loaf for those who prefer a bit more texture in their breads.

Faux Rye Bread

For those of you who love rye bread and miss it desperately, this is a good alternative. The secret to the flavour is the molasses, cocoa , and caraway. Try it and see if it […]

Yeast Free Jewish Rye-Style Bread

Naomi developed this rye bread clone for her grandparents, who love rye bread, and aren’t celiacs, when they moved to our town. It’s quick, easy, and great for those with yeast intolerances. This bread […]

Heart-Healthy Flax-seed Bread

This bread is a fantastic way to get heart-healthy omega-3s into your diet (or your kids’ diet) without having to choke down pills or oils. The omega-3s survive the baking process intact and lend […]

Bavarian Pretzel Sandwich Rolls

  Many thanks to Sande Guetthoff for inspiring this recipe. These taste almost exactly like the rolls you can get from the Sheetz Corporation. Slightly salty, buttery, sweet, and chewy – these make the […]