New Mixes Coming Soon!

We’re excited to let you know that our Pancake/Biscuit mix and Brownie Mixes are in production and getting ready to go to market! You’re going to love them – each one was formulated to […]

Some Scary News… And What to Do About It

Here’s a scary piece of news for those of us on a gluten free diet: A recent Study suggests that the gluten free diet not only reduces the amount of beneficial bacteria in our […]

May Celebration: Cases of 5lb boxes on Sale Now!

It’s May – the sun is shining, the flours are blooming, and all’s right with the world…. and it’s Naomi’s husband’s birthday! When we asked Naomi how she wanted to celebrate, she said, “Let […]

Got it? Get it? Good!

So here you sit, with something funky called gluten intolerance.  You know it’s serious because you feel like you’ve been run over by a train most days… and because your doc just told you, […]

Looking for Product Testers

Hi all! We’re looking for a limited number of product testers for our new pancake and biscuit mix, which is set for release early this summer.  We’re particularly interested in motivated bloggers who have […]

Naomi's Blogging on the Pizza Fusion Blog!

Naomi’s thrilled to be blogging over at Pizza Fusion!! If you’re interested in more than just gluten free stuff, feel free to head over there. She’s writing on a wide variety of topics, including […]

Top Ten Ways NOT to Order GF Food at a Restaurant

It’s happened to all of us – we’ve ordered a specially prepared, superdee-duper gluten free version of some random menu item at Restaurant XYZ. We were super careful to explain exactly, exactly,  EXACTLY what […]


Here’s where we go for support and information! Online Groups We know it sounds simplistic, but online support groups really offer the best in up-to-date resources. Here’s where you’ll find a ton of invaluable […]

Welcome to Our New Website!

We’ve been hard at work updating our new site. Please have a look around and tell us what you think.

Garden Spot Distribution will be Carrying Us!

We’re proud to announce that Garden Spot Distributors, one of the premier health food distributors in the United States, will be carrying us in September of 2008! Start asking your local store to look […]

Naomi's Speaking in Indiana, PA!

Naomi will be speaking in at the GIG Indiana, PA on budgeting and saving money on the gf diet.

FreeFlour Credits for Everyone!

This month, as part of our promotion, we’ll be crediting all orders with FreeFlour credits. This promotion is usually available only to our subscribing FreeFlour members, and with the promotion we’re offering this would […]