What About Arsenic? Prop65 & Better Batter - Better Batter Gluten Free Flour

Hello! If you are visiting this page, you have questions about the levels of arsenic or other metals in our Better Batter products or are wondering if we meet Prop65 requirements in California. Please read below for our latest updates:

Note from Naomi:

Because my children and I eat our own products, we’re as concerned as you are with keeping our families safe from inorganic arsenic and other dangerous substances. We source our products with quality standards in mind, including California’s very safe Prop65 limits.

California Prop65 has given us great guidelines to help determine if our products meet standards for safe exposure, and by coming in far below the levels determined to be safe for lifetime exposure, we keep everyone in our Better Batter family safe.


Below you will see our latest batch test result for our Better Batter Flour mixed product, which contains the highest proportions of rice in any of our mixes. Our other mixes contain this flour in their base and will reflect lower levels than listed below.  California’s Prop65 established Safe Harbor Limits, under which there is considered no discernible risk to consumers for exposure.  Better Batter last batch test was at or below safe harbor limits for California’s Prop65 standards for exposure to heavy metals, including lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), and arsenic (As). We will continue to update this table with each test result we receive.

ElementCalifornia Prop65
Safe Harbor Daily Limit
Inorganic Arsenic103.05 YES

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