*NEW* Better Batter Gluten Free ENERGY BARS are here!!!

We are pleased to announce our NEW Better Batter Energy Bars…available for purchase NOW @ the Better Batter web-store!

Get ready for a new addition to the Better Batter lineup: Better Batter Gluten Free Energy Bars! Three flavors (Chocolate Cherry, Brownie Batter, and Chocolate Mint) are NOW available in the Better Batter web-store.

Our three varieties of Better Batter Energy Bars are named after Naomi Poe’s two sons, Zion and Caedon, and a young Better Batter fan named Kaylee. Each energy bar supports a great cause that was chosen by their namesake child. Zion’s Bar supports Autism Awareness and Research, Caedon’s Bar helps provide clean water for kids in developing countries, and Kaylee’s Bar helps promote Celiac Awareness. Part of the proceeds from each Better Batter Energy Bar sold is donated to each cause.

These delicious NEW Better Batter Energy Bars are sold individually and by the box (12 bars to a box). You can add just one Better Batter Energy Bar to your order for your first taste OR you can add a box of Better Batter Energy Bars to save $1 per bar…a total savings of $12!

These delicious new BETTER BATTER ENERGY BARS are sure to become an instant favorite for adults and children alike! :)


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  1. ezzellk 04. Mar, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

    Is there a list of ingredients somewhere? Are these soy-free?

  2. Bee 04. Mar, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

    Yes! The Energy Bars are indeed soy-free! ^_^

    A list of ingredients, as well as a link to full nutritional information, may be found on the shopping page for each bar.

    The Zion Bar (Chocolate Mint) http://shop.betterbatter.org/products/zions-bar-chocolate-mint-energy-bar-for-a-cause

    The Caedon Bar (Brownie Batter) http://shop.betterbatter.org/products/caedons-bar-brownie-batter-energy-bar-for-a-cause

    The Kaylee Bar (Chocolate Cherry) http://shop.betterbatter.org/products/kaylees-bar-chocolate-cherry-energy-bar-for-a-cause

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