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King Cake

A New Orleans Tradition involving sweet pastry and little toys, this cake is meant to be eaten as part of a party – find the hidden token and be “King” of the party of the day!!

Product review: Schar Artisan Multigrain Bread

Is Schar’s new gluten free Artisan Multigrain Bread worth the purchase price? Read my review and decide for yourself!

Pinspired: Starbucks Style Lemon Pound Cake

If you love Starbucks lemon pound cake, with its thick coat of tangy frosting, you’ll love our clone recipe. This recipe was Pinspired by this post and picture, by Krysten at Liluna.

Heart Healthier Avocado Brownies

You don’t necessarily have to be extreme in your dietary changes to make a healthy start. Try this simple swap and save

Naomi’s Favorite Wheat Style Bread

If you loved whole wheat bread, you will be so glad to discover this faux wheat clone recipe.

New Years Resolutions: Adding & Losing, Small Steps

Stop being a butterball. You can make changes this year: just take it slow!

Help Us Decide Which new Products to Distribute!

Please help us choose which new products you’d like to see with this quick Two Question Survey! We’re entering everyone who takes the survey and shares it with their friends (FB, twitter, etc) into […]

Yorkshire Pudding

These traditional English accompaniments to roast beef are crusty on the outside and tender inside – a great change from rolls!

Plum Pudding

This traditional British Christmas dessert is sweet and soft, filled with plenty of dried fruits and softly scented with cinnamon and ginger. This recipe differs from many others in that it uses flour in […]

Product Review: Chex Clusters Fruit and Oat

Crunchy clusters of oats, tangy bits of berry flavored fruit: this cereal is great!

Freezer Cooking: Chicken and Green Chile Stuffed Arepas

Arepas are popular in many parts of Latin America. We’ve taken a soft masa dough, filled it with a spicy chicken and green chile mixture and sharp cheese, and cooked it till crisp.

Menu Plan Monday 11/30/15

After a week of heavy cooking and high calorie foods, we’re all in need of something a little tangy, a little light, or a little easier on the schedule. This week we’ve focussed on […]