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Vegan Pasta Dough

  This dough is a fine substitute for traditional Italian pasta dough, and can be used to make delicious vegan filled pastas. Let your fingers be your guide, and adjust water or flour until […]

Egg Pasta

This is a great basic pasta recipe for those who want to make ravioli or pierogies, or for those who prefer homemade pasta. This can be dried in a food dehydrator or used fresh, […]

Bake Up A Better World Through… Autism Support

Autism affects about 1% of the US population. Among younger children the rates have been higher – about 1 in 68 children are currently estimated to have autism. This means that most people know […]

Pate Sucree (Sugar Pastry)

This very short, very flaky pastry is great for making pie crust, hand pies, and other pastries. Made easily in a food processor, it rolls out and shapes easily. Sweeter than normal pastry, this […]

Ice Cream Cone Birthday Cake

My Mother Made this cake for me when I was growing up, and I still think it’s one of the best things ever! Make it along with my mom, or grab the full recipe […]

Flour Tortillas

  Flour tortillas are versatile and easy to make, if you have a griddle or a non-stick pan. Use them as the basis for many Mexican dishes or to create easy bread wraps. The […]

Pocket Pita

You’re going to love how quickly and easily this pita comes together.

How to Turn Your Chocolate Cake Mix Into

Wondering what else you can do with your chocolate cake mix? Use our guide below! Save

Baking Up Economies Through Sustainable Ag Training

The average American household earns about $56,000 per year and spends only 10% of this income on food. Compare that to developing communities like Myanmar (Burma), where the average income is about $300 per […]

Masa and Chia Seed Spoonbread

If you’re searching for something sweet, with a great contrast of textures, to serve with soup or chili, this spoonbread is an awesome option. Appropriate for a wide variety of food allergies and dietary […]

Gluten, Dairy, Soy (and possibly egg) Free Baked Donuts!

Yup – that’s right! The trifecta – or if you wish the quadrafecta of allergy-friendly delight in a delish donut – and they’re even baked! You can have your (cake) donut and eat it, […]

Hot Joy Style Asian Hot Wings

Every week we try a recipe from pinterest. We got this idea for hot wings from the world famous Hot Joy Crab Fat Hot wings recipe featured in Bon Appetit. We tweaked the recipe […]