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The Week’s Good Eats – Week of June 5th

Happy June!  It’s finally the month that summer officially starts, are you ready for summer?  We’ve already been on our summer break for a few weeks now and are starting to get into the […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of March 6th

Let’s get right to The Week’s Good Eats! It’s March!  For us in Oklahoma that means, spring is just about here.  I say thought; however, we have had quite a bit of snow come […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of February 6th

Do you enjoy the big game this past weekend?  I’m sure many did and many are probably pretty sad today…it goes both ways, right?  Basically since Christmas, my husband and I have been on […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of January 2nd

Happy 2017!  Can you believe it’s 2017?  I started blogging about recipes and such back in 2010, so to think I’ve been doing this 7 years.  I just can’t even wrap my mind around […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of December 5th

The holidays are here and that means lots of baking ahead!  Have you already started?  We spent the weekend at  multiple Christmas parties, next weekend is much of the same.  We do get a […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of November 7th

It’s November!  The year literally flew by, I’m still getting used to writing 2016 and now it’s almost 2017!  I just can’t wrap my mind around it.  We are busy getting ready for the […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of October 3rd

Happy Fall!  It’s finally here, my favorite season.  That also means I can now start cooking some of my favorite foods like baked apples and lots of pumpkin recipes too.  Do you love pumpkin?  […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of September 5th

It’s almost fall, this is the official month that my favorite season starts.  I thought we need to just go ahead and get this fall menu out because I just love cooking in the […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of August 1st

Happy August!  Our summer is wrapping up as we prepare to head back to school.  Our kids go back the middle of the month and let’s face it, I’m ready.  It’s been a fun […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of July 11th

This month just came on fast, does anyone else feel that way?  We start back to school in the middle of August, so we are already 2/3 of the way through our summer.  Now, […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of June 6th

It’s summer!  Maybe not ‘officially’ yet but for us it’s summer.  We are just getting back from a week at the beach and adjusting to a summer schedule.  It includes lots of outdoor fun […]

The Week’s Good Eats – Week of May 2nd

It’s almost summer!  Can you believe this?  I sure can’t.  We just have a few weeks left of school and then I’m ready to slow down a bit and just enjoy time with my […]