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Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

This week’s “Pinspiration” comes just in time to use with all of the fresh blueberries that are in season. We have 5 blueberry bushes, so we are busy picking and freezing the berries to […]

Vanilla Crazy Cake

Have you ever heard of a “crazy cake” or a “wacky cake” or a “depression cake?” During the Great Depression, eggs, butter, and some other common cake ingredients were in rare supply and were […]

Tiger Bark Shortbread

Tiger bark shortbread, this week’s “Pinspired” recipe, is a yummy combination of peanut butter, chocolate, and shortbread cookie. The shortbread cookie is quick and easy with only 3 ingredients, and there’s no need for […]

Crack Cake

Crack Cake is our latest Pinspiration! Looking through recipes on Pinterest always makes me wonder, “Would this recipe work with gluten-free flour?” This week’s Pinspiration uses our yellow cake mix and yields a wonderfully […]

Blueberry Breakfast Bars

Blueberry breakfast bars … these remind me of blueberry cobbler. They have a crispy crust and aren’t overly sweet. They are easy to make and store well at room temperature to have ready for […]

Coconut Rum Cake

Coconut rum cake is an easy to make cake using a yellow cake mix. The cake is super moist and oh so delicious! It’s perfect for your summer picnics and get-togethers! The original recipe […]

Sweet Corn Casserole

Sweet corn casserole is a staple food at many church potluck dinners. Being from a Southern Baptist background I have been to my fair share of church dinners! For this Sunday’s fellowship potluck dinner, […]

Maple Bacon Pancake Muffins

Maple bacon pancake muffins … warm bites of pancake with maple cream cheese glaze and bacon sprinkles …YUM! This recipe, which is “Pinspired”, is similar to a buttermilk pancake recipe but is baked in […]


Oh hushpuppies! Yummy balls of golden fried cornmeal dough! Oh how I’ve missed you! Until now! If you’ve ever lived in the south, you know that any fish fry is not complete without hushpuppies. […]

Breakfast “Pizza”

This ‘sicilian style’ breakfast pizza can be easily customized with toppings to suit your taste. So easy and delicious!

Cinnamon Biscuits

Cinnamon biscuits are a light and fluffy, slightly sweet treat. Enjoy them with butter and a cup of hot tea, either for breakfast or an indulgent snack during the day.

Cornbread Salad

As I was searching through Pinterest for inspiration, a recipe for cornbread salad suddenly appeared. The idea of cornbread in a salad had never occurred to me. I toyed with the idea for a […]