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Label Reading 101 for a Gluten Free Diet {Plus Info on Food Labeling Laws and Food Additives, Useful Tips and More!}

Half-way through Celiac Disease Awareness Month and still loads of info to share with you! If you’re new to gluten-free living, you may feel overwhelmed. (It gets easier, I promise!) If you’re an old […]

5 Essential Tips for Entertaining Gluten Free Guests This Holiday Season

If you’re new to gluten free living, these tips are ones you can apply to preparing foods for yourself; however, if you aren’t gluten free and plan to host gluten free guests in your home […]

No Tricks, All Treats – Top 5 Gluten Free Halloween Candies & A Sweet Idea!

I know it’s only early October, but if you’re like me, you’re already filling candy dishes with festive sweet treats of the season. In my house, the little pumpkin-shaped glass dishes brimming with candy […]

Back to the Basics of Gluten Free Living

Gluten free living can be stressful. After all, going gluten free means BIG change. When a gluten free diet is required for medical reasons like Celiac disease (CD), dermatitis herpetiformis or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, […]

I Hope You Never Need This Information: What to Do When Glutened

My goal is always to give you tips and tidbits of info you can use immediately. Except for today. I sincerely hope you never need what I’m about to tell you. Unfortunately, odds are […]

7 Top Benefits for Consuming In-Season Fruits and Vegetables

Around September 1st, as soon as local “you-pick” orchards open, I pack a picnic basket full of yummy gluten free foods and travel to my family’s favorite apple orchard for a full day of […]

Gigi’s No Thoughts Required Naturally Gluten Free Food List

My “No Thought Required” food list for healthy gluten free eating is intended to highlight nutritious foods you can feel safe consuming today, even if this is your first day living gluten free. In […]