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At Better Batter, we love having the opportunity to share great food & health products with our gluten free community.

Would you like to try our products and showcase them to your readers?

Do We Sponsor Product Reviews and Product Promotions?

Due to the high volume of requests that we receive at Better Batter for promotional samples in exchange for product reviews, we have a few guidelines that you must meet in order to qualify.

Due to the high volume of review fraud we’ve experienced in the past, we now offer reimbursements after the review has posted for the product purchase instead, up to the value of the product purchased for the review and the flat rate shipping price paid at time of purchase. We limit our total reimbursement to the value of a product sampler and flat rate shipping ($50). Reimbursements will be prorated based on the number of actual products reviewed and are not dependent on whether they are negative or positive in content (we value honesty!!).

Please note that you must apply to be approved to host a review BEFORE you purchase the sampler. Product reviews written without permission are greatly appreciated but non-reimburseable!

If you would like to write a product review on your blog or website, we ask you to please contact us with the date and type of product review or giveaway you would like to have sponsored.  Once you are scheduled and accepted for the review, please purchase the Product Sampler or individual product that you would like to review. Once you have published your product review, we will gladly issue reimbursement of the product approved, using your original payment method, as long as you meet the qualifying guide-lines (below).


Qualifying Guide-lines:

  1. We do not give reimbursements to blogs or websites that are strictly review sites.
  2. We do not give reimbursements to blogs or websites that are strictly give-away sites.
  3. We do not give reimbursements to blogs or websites that are not substantially Gluten-Free.
  4. We do not participate in programs which require us to pay people to review our products on blogs or websites.
  5. We will provide reimbursement for the product value and  flat rate shipping costs prorated for only the products reviewed.
  6. We will provide reimbursement for one review per blog or website.
  7. We may or may not choose to participate in a give-away promotion on your blog or website.  A decision will be made on a case by case basis.  Please note that give-away promotions will only be shipped to the 48 contiguous United States.


If you have met these qualifying guide-lines please submit an email request for reimbursement of your Better Batter Product Sampler or individual Better Batter product to: with the following information included:

  1. A link to the Better Batter product review on your blog or website.
  2. Your name and order number for the  Product Sampler or individual product that you are requesting the reimbursement for.


Please understand that even if you meet all of our requirements and guidelines, we may not be able to honor your request for a review due to the high volume we receive and the limited advertising budget we are authorized to approve each month. If you are qualified and turned down, you are encouraged to reapply for a future date.


Do you offer a product or service that you believe would be valuable to our customers and readers?

We are now offering an affiliate marketing through the Better Batter website, the Better Batter Facebook page and the Better Batter YouTube channel. Please refer to the specifications and rates below for more information. If you have any additional questions about our program, feel free to contact us via email at or by calling (814) 946-0958.
For all of our advertising programs, we reserve the right to decline any advertiser. Before any ads or sponsorships are approved, we will try out the product or service ourselves to ensure it will be a benefit to our gluten free community.

Click here to download our Online Advertising Fact Sheet.

Website Advertising

Our website advertising program consists of a single, non-animated image (to be provided by the advertiser) which will appear in the right sidebar of the home page (no interior pages). Up to three website advertisers will have their ads appear in the rotating ad slot at any given time. The Better Batter home page receives approximately 22,000 hits/15,800 uniques per month. Please view the following page to view how website ads will appear on the site.

Ad Size: 300px by 250px (file formats accepted: jpg, png, non-animated gif)
Impressions: approximately 7,300 per month
Rates: $20 per month

If you are interested in advertising on our website, simply go to the Better Batter home page and click the “Advertise with Us” link under “Our Sponsors”. You will then be able to upload your ad image and submit payment information. Once we approve you as an advertiser, we will activate your advertisement and process your payment.

Facebook Advertising

Our Facebook advertising program is on a per-post basis. Sponsors will have their product or service mentioned in a status update that is broadcasted to the news feeds of users who have “liked” the Better Batter Facebook page. Status updates will also include a link to your website or Facebook page (you may specify the URL). Sponsored Facebook posts will all end with a message signifying them as advertisements (i.e. “(Sponsored post)”).

Reach: Our Facebook page has 2,750 likes and a Weekly Total Reach of over 8,500 (as of March, 2012)
Rates: $10 per sponsored post, limit four sponsored posts per month

If you are interested in advertising on our Facebook page, please email us with details of what you are advertising and whether there is a specific time frame you are looking at. We will get back to you with more details.

YouTube Advertising

Each week, we post an original video to our YouTube page, featuring tips, recipes, humor and more for the gluten free community. When sponsoring a video episode, the advertiser may submit a video segment 30-45 seconds in length for us to insert into the end of our video. Alternately, for a higher rate, Better Batter will produce the segment. For Better Batter-produced segments, the advertiser is responsible for supplying us with product to use in the segment, if applicable. Only one sponsored segment slot is available for each video.

Reach: Our videos are typically viewed 300-500 times. Our videos are archived on our site and our YouTube channel, so they remain available, with the number of views increasing over time.
Rates: $50 per episode for advertiser-produced segments; $150 per episode for Better Batter-produced segments

If you are interested in advertising on our YouTube videos, please email us with details of what you are advertising, if you are interested in a self-produced segment or a Better Batter-produced segment, and whether there is a specific time frame you are looking at. We will get back to you with more details.